Product application

Brief Introduction to Enterprise :

Tieling City Rubber Research Institute Product Factory is located in Tieling City of Liaoning Province , a nationally renowned rubber science research and production base. It was established in 1994, it is a specialized rubber science research department and production unit, merging production, scientific research, design and development into an organic whole.

It mainly produces rubber products, such as hollow glass compound seal rubber strip, EPDM, miscellaneous rubber seal parts, etc. They are extensively used in various door and window seal systems.

Hollow glass compound seal rubber strip has won national patent technology, there are four series, including black color, black and white two-color, white color and mosaic. The specifications are from 3mm to 24mm , covering all specifications needed on the current market. And they may be processed and produced according to the special requirement of clients. Various indexes have reached the standard through inspection by National Glass Inspection Center .

Our factory insists on the quality principle of “Quality First, High Quality and High Efficiency, Users' Satisfaction and Sustained Improvement ”, and we provide satisfactory products and good service.

Tieling City Rubber Research Institute Product Factory
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